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The idea of Miracle Mission was birthed in 2012 by the vision of the Director, Rev. Dr. Jonas Yao Tetteh.

Miracle Mission started her work in the Upper East Region in Oct, 2012, when the team stormed the town of Kongo, in the TalensiNabdan district. In the course of a week, Miracle Mission engaged in various activities in the town. Free medical care was provided to over 1500 persons while 100s of persons were registered onto the NHIS program.

Free, slightly used but very good clothing was also distributed to 100s of people. A 4-day crusade was also organized. The week’s activities culminated in the planting of a church in the town. 2 acres of land were later acquired with the view of starting a school for the community and putting up a church building.
In subsequent years, based on the model developed in the first outreach in Kongo, the Miracle Mission has organized outreaches in two or three communities every year.

To help the poor and needy, to reach out to the lost and be a channel through which they receive Christ's salvation, and to raise missionaries to go forth and do same.


The team is made up of pastors, medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other Christianswho love the work of the Lord. Persons who fall within any of these categories and are interested in working with the Miracle Mission should kindly get in touch with the Miracle Mission leadership (find contact information at the end of the page)

  • Provided free medical healthcare to thousands of people across the Upper East, Upper West and Central Regions over the period.
  • Registered thousands of people on the NHIS program.
  • Distributed free, slightly used but very good clothing to thousands of people
  • Provided educational scholarships to few people
  • Provided skills training (soap and bleach making) to about one hundred people
  • Planted fifteen (15) churches in the Upper East Region and two (2) in the Upper West Region. Three (3) churches have also been planted in the Central Region and six (6) in the Greater Accra Region.
  • Provided five (5) motorbikes to some pastors in the Upper East Region.
  • Bought musical instruments for all thirteen (13) churches in the Upper East Region and one (1) in the Upper West Region.
  • Trained one (1) pastor in the Upper East Region and and currently training two (2) more in the same region.
  • Bought plots of land for six (6) churches in the Upper East Region and one (1) in the Upper West Region.


The following activities are undertaken in our mission;

Free Medical Care (FMC)

Beside the GospelCampaigns which result in the planting of the churches, our main agenda, the FMC which is done for two days has proven worthwhile. It draws in hundreds of people. The Mission has given FMC to over one thousand people in each of the communities in which we worked. Our Medical programs are proper medical clinics where we go with diagnostics laboratory kits for some simple ailments, we set infusions where necessary and in some instances refer patients to hospitals and follow them up. The mission has done mass deworming exercises in many of thecommunities.

Registration on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

The Mission registers and renewshundreds of people, particularly children and the aged,freely on the NHIS. This is to ensure follow up medicalcare in our absence.

Distribution of Clothing.

Hundreds of people benefitfrom clothes that we send up there.

Poverty Alleviation.

The Mission brought members from the Miracle Mission churches to Funbisi and trained them in detergent and bleachproduction. This is to help them have some hand work that will serve as a source of income to them.

Gospel Campaigns.

The main agenda is winning millions to the Lord and to plant churches. This has resulted in 26 churches being planted within the space of seven years.



  • Funding
  • Buses
  • Public Address Systems
  • Lighting System
  • Drums
  • Generators
  • Platforms


In the bid to fulfil our part of the great commission, Miracle Missions seeks:

  • To strengthen and expand our free medical care programs
  • To strengthen and expand our skill training programs for various rural communities
  • To establish an academic scholarship program
  • To provide certain basic amenities like potable water and schools in the rural communities
  • To partner with other likeminded individuals, groups and organizations
  • To organize Crusades, Open Air Gospel Campaigns and Revival Meetings for the purpose of bringing the lost to the saving knowledge of Christ.
  • To plant and strengthen existing churches for the purpose of discipling the saved souls.
  • To raise and train missionaries to carry out the work of reaching out to the lost and discipling the won.
  • To print books and tracts to aid the work of the organization.
  • To strengthen and expand the Mission of God Broadcast (currently running on GTV LIFE at 6:30 a.m. on Saturdays) to reach the unsaved through electronic media.
  • To hold Mission Conferences and Seminars to equip all ministers and missionaries to do Missions.


Our focus is clear. It is one thing knowing or understanding the things ofGod. It is quite another thing doing what God wants usto do. Miracle Mission does not only know the things ofGod but is poised to do the things of God. The REASON FOR THE BEING of the Miracle Missionis to partner with the Lord Jesus Christ to reach outto the lost soul particularly in rural areas. Our missionis rural evangelism.
Miracle Mission welcomes any likeminded individuals, groups and organizations to support or partner with her to touch the rural folks as we are already doing.
Miracle Mission will not trade rural evangelism and church planting for anything.
The Mission plants two or three churches in various rural communities, mostly in the Upper East, even under the current financial constraints.
Given the opportunity, the Mission can plant either four or five per year.That means Miracle Mission will touch other rural parts of this country and beyond when the Good Lord opensthe door for enlargement.
It must also be put on record that besides the UpperEast churches, the Miracle Mission hasplanted six churches in Accra and is also raisingand training pastors.

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